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October 23, 2022


How To Increase Views On Your Instagram Videos?

Are you a fan of social media networks and want to create a popular account? The challenge here is to get more followers on your account, such as on Instagram. Whether it is a personal or business Instagram account, who would not say they are not happy that they get thousands of views on their videos posted? What is the purpose of sharing your photos and videos if you don’t have viewers?

How to get views?

Getting views means you have more followers on IG. It is the sole secret to getting more video views. But, it is only for those who have popular accounts. For those starters, you should aim for followers first to get more views on your posts, or you can buy views here.

Many are asking how buying views works. In the virtual world, everything is made possible instantly, including getting more views. However, many have raised their eyebrows and are doubtful. Yet, it has been proven that these views are from real Instagram users, not fake or dummy accounts.

How to Share a Video on Instagram From a Post, Story, or IGTV

What are dummy accounts?

Dummy accounts can be considered fake accounts. These are accounts created for “following” any account, whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network, but are not active. While some are verified or valid accounts, yet are not active. Meaning, it is not used regularly or opened all the time for everyday use.

Therefore, the account is still considered inactive. It was simply created to follow an account and leave it just there. There will be no more activities to get involved like liking posts, viewing and liking the video, and sharing videos.

Active, not fake accounts!

When you buy Instagram views, you need to ensure that these viewers are active users. There are a lot of benefits to buying active users and not fake accounts, such as:

  • Getting more views
  • Possibilities of more shares
  • Gaining more followers

These benefits will go directly to your Instagram account. Imagine, if your Instagram video reaches 500 views, 100 views will be added. It can be possible by availing of the $1.99 package with the inclusion of 100 more views for free. The package promises to get 500 views and an additional 100 more views with a total of 600 views.

Cheap Instagram video views

Is your Instagram video ready to post now? Are you ready to get 500 views in an instant? Yes, it is possible and you will have the guarantee that these views are from real Instagram users. These real IG users are active users who can view your account daily or each time they log in to their accounts.

What is more promising about the package is the additional 100 views, real and instant views. What makes these views ideal is being an organic reach. Meaning, it is not simply automated. Therefore, you can be sure that these views are from real and active Instagram users, who can repost or share your Instagram videos to their Instagram accounts or some other social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the such.

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