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August 3, 2021


Security plus exam – A Certification for the IT Professions of Cybersecurity Domain

Are you looking to make your career in the field of cyber security? Are you fond of knowing about the spywares, malwares, and its working? If yes, then the Security plus course is complete package for you as it deals with the training in cyber security domain. The security plus exam is suitable for those IT professionals who are looking to make their career in cyber security domain for beginner and intermediate level cyber security jobs. The Security plus exam and certification ensures the best practices and hands-on experience on the field of this domain. The professionals who have done training on Security plus are not limited to identifying the incidents but also knows how to address it.

Steps to get Security plus certificate 

There are four simple steps in which one can get certified as a cyber-security engineer. Here are the four steps which you need to follow for the certification of security plus exam.

Choosing certification


There are many courses under the security plus certificate, so choose a course for the certification according to your interest. Here are some of the security plus courses and certification.

  • CASP+
  • PenTest+
  • CySA+

There are many other courses which you can choose from for the security plus certification.

Skills you need to achieve security plus certification

You should know basics of cyber security domain before you go for the security plus exam and certification. Here are the some of the skills you must have to have a proper understanding of the courses and get the certificate.

Technologies and Tools 

You must be aware of the new tools and technologies that are related to the field of cyber security and certification of security plus. You should know how to install, configure, and deploy various components with troubleshooting skills.

Threats, Attacks, & Vulnerabilities 

You should have a basic knowledge of malware threats and attacks with a skill set of penetration testing and vulnerability concepts.

Architectural & Design 

Should know about the architecture and know how to implement it securely.

Risk, identity, and access management 

Should know how to deal with the installation, configuration, and access services with the management of risk analysis.

Above are the skill set, one should require for the security plus certification.

Details of the Examination 

In the security plus examination, the total number of questions is 90 questions and time permitted to complete it is 90 minutes and the type of question is multiple choice with the passing score of 750 out of 900. The exam is available in different languages such as English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. The course fee is around 23k INR.

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