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Different Factors of I Phone Water Damage Repair You Need to Know

Different Factors of I Phone Water Damage Repair You Need to Know

Placing the iPhone in a basin or bag of rice is likely one of the water damage restoration techniques that are most frequently suggested. Even though rice may absorb water, it is one of the most efficient ways to repair a water-damaged phone. A phone’s motherboard erodes when liquid gets inside; rice won’t stop this. This is the best way to iphone water damage repair.

Utilizing Heat:

Use the microwave only for your food and the blow dryer only for your hair. Your liquid device will become even more damaged if you apply heat. Although Apple says iPhones can resist temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, they perform best around 32 and 95 degrees.

Your water-damaged iPhone could sustain multiple types of damage if you apply heat to it. The iPhone’s lithium-ion battery and several components may flex in scorching environments. A lithium-ion battery frequently loses its capacity to ionize when heat is applied, which results in your phone not charging.

Shut off the phone:

iphone water damage repair

To achieve this, hold down the Power button while swiping the screen’s top button to the right when prompted. Your iPhone will have a better chance of being recovered if you can switch it off as soon as possible.

  • Remove the battery if your phone is older.
  • Immediately unplug the charger if the phone remains plugged in.
  • Quickly tap the Power switch to determine whether the display comes on if the screen loses power, but you aren’t sure if the device is on. If it does, turn off the phone now. If it doesn’t, don’t use it.

Put the iPhone somewhere warm and dry:

  • Simply letting your iPhone air dry in a hot location for as long as possible completely removes water inside it.
  • Numerous tips claim that putting your phone in a rice bag will aid in removing the water.
  • This is untrue; the best solution is as simple as letting your iPhone air dry.
  • Additionally, the rice may leave a deposit inside to pay the balance, damaging your device even further.
  • If you can take the iPhone’s battery out, air drying will work better.

Hopefully, after trying these tips, you’ll be able to fix the problem of your fallen iPhone in the water. These are the different details you need to know. Make sure that you will check the battery.

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