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KYC Data Provider: Opt For Real-Time Registry Access

KYC data provides compliance teams with an effective tool to protect businesses against money laundering and financial crime. The highest-quality data and unmatched real-time registry access from authoritative sources are all leveraged through automation. The kyc software vendors help strengthen your business’s line of defense using the highest quality data in the industry.

Real-time registry access

You should discover the most comprehensive and powerful real-time registry connected in the market. You can access the official KYC software vendor registries around the world through a single API or one intuitive interface. Access official registries helps power cross-border business growth at just a click of a button without additional local resources. You may send your request and let the KYC data system do the rest, minimizing customer friction and accelerating KYB investigations

Data extraction

Now is the right time to say goodbye to the challenges, including delays and mistakes that arise when transcribing customer info from official documents into the internal systems. The proprietary technology automates validation and data extraction from registry documents through a distinctive blend of the following:

  • optical character recognition
  • machine learning
  • natural language processing

The system recovers documents and data from business registries and automatically transforms scanned filing documents into structured data; all in real-time.

Auto-UBO unraveling

Investigate the corporate structures and determine shareholders quicker across regions with the AI-based UBO engine. The system automatically processes and reads info from official registry documents to identify corporate entities’ UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) and to build complex company structure charts in several countries globally.

Registry services

Stop wasting resources and time trying to access confusing and complex local registries. The KYC software vendors are always available to support and source the exact business documents you need to onboard customers safely, which provides an extra level of assurance in line of defense against economic crime. The registry services can help you assist every step of the way.

AML screening

The era of disconnecting AML and KYC processes has finally ended. The top AML watchlists are integrated into the intuitive user interface that centralizes all operations for maximum efficiency. Once you have an AML contract, you can easily integrate it into your KYC workspace.

Integrated IDV

Now, you can instantly validate government-issued IDs and driving licenses, including passports from different countries around the world with an AI-based verification. Prevent the risk of impersonation and fraud with the following:

  • in-built facial recognition
  • matching facial comparison
  • liveness detection capabilities

You can gain peace of mind about the authenticity of the applicant’s identification documents.

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