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The Common Disadvantages Of Social Networking

Social Media is the buzzing term today circulating amongst the youngsters and old alike. In the world where every single thing looks very fantasizing, social media manages to stand out of the box and becoming a mean for survival for many. People usually prefer going by the positives and benefits of social media and often overlook the evil side or the significant Disadvantages of Social Networking. Besides its positive aspects, Social Networking has significantly doomed today’s generation in different ways. The time spent on social networking tends to magnify the risk of teens drinking, smoking and using drugs. Besides health complications and addiction, there are also other disadvantages associated with social networking which everyone using social media must know.

Cyber Bullying

Everyone using internet technology are well versed with the term Cyber Bullying. This term means using information technology or crucial data of others to continually harass or harm people or disturb them in all possible ways, especially mentally. There are many cases and cyber attacks that led to horrifying results like physical violence and even death of individuals. Although it is like a drop in the ocean, but can significantly harm one using social networking sites. This is the major Disadvantage of Social Networking.

Frauds and Identity Theft

Whether you like or dislike the information that you publish on social networking sites is made available to almost anyone that is intelligent enough to access it. Most of the cyber criminals and frauds merely require few pieces of crucial information to horrify your life. If they manages to steal your identify and information, it would cost you significantly.


One of the biggest Disadvantages of Social Networking is reduced productivity of a firm. Although promoting products and services through social media platform increases revenue and sales, but what about the employees who dedicate most of their official times in social networking posting online and chatting with friends. This proves to be major downfall of social networking sites that distracts the employees and hamper their productivity.

Reduced Face-To-Face Communication Skills

Reliance on computer system can significant reduce a person’s ability to have face-to-face communication by making it unusual and awkward to listen to and responding with meaningful messages through spoken words because of their reliance on keyboard to covey messages and communicate.

Decreased Family Closeness

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Gmail estrange all of us from our family members more than we imagine. Most of the time you will find that your brother or sister are on their phones when your family is spending family time by watching TV together. This is one of the major Disadvantages of Social Networking.

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