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The Impact of Cyber Incident Response on Cyberattacks

The Impact of Cyber Incident Response on Cyberattacks

Cyber Incident Response is a term that describes the process of an organisation to secure cyber-attacks and aims to reduce the damage caused by the third party. It is essential to ensure an organisation’s data to prevent its downfall. It can range from a computer virus to employees’ laptops and mobile phones that are not secured. These incidents can have long-term effects that can ruin the organisation’s image.

Who Operate Incident Response

It is conducted by the organisation’s Cyber Incident Response Team. These are the IT staff that makes a precise decision and detect harmful activity. They acknowledge the security breaches, viruses, and other incidents in the organisation and deal with threats. The purpose of cyber incident response is to detect the virus and aims to reduce it.

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Steps of Incident Response

  • Planning: It helps to discover how well the Computer Incident Response Team can respond to the threat or an incident. It means evaluating the risks which cover all the points.
  • Recognition: It is the process through which incidents are detected and taken rapidly to prevent them from being damaged. Once an issue is confirmed or identified, it will be easy for the team to avoid it.
  • Prevention: Once an incident is identified, containing it is a top priority. It means to prevent the damage from occurring. It is essential to avoid the destruction of any evidence used for prosecution.
  • Elimination: It means removing the threat and returning the system to its previous state. It includes measures to remove the danger and ensure a clean design.
  • Recovery includes testing and monitoring a system to ensure that it is not re-infected. This also provides decision-making on testing the system, monitoring for abnormal activities, etc.
  • Decision making: The incident response team and partners discuss how to improve the efforts. It allows the organisation to update their current policies and procedures. This phase involves learning from the past attack to ensure it won’t happen again in the future. 

Proper preparation and planning is the most important thing to effective incident response. Without planning and updated policies, it will be challenging to maintain its reputation. Cyberattacks are unavoidable, and hence it is a good idea to have an Incident Response team in the organisation. It helps to gain brilliance and resolve the threat and clean the system. It ensures unity and effort.

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